Genuine Leather Shoes in Bulk

The exceptional sale of genuine leather shoes at the production price has attracted many buyers from all over the country and even other foreign countries. Genuine leather shoes are especially popular among buyers around the world due to their durability and high quality, and if purchased without intermediaries, they will have a more reasonable price and will bring the most profit for export. For this reason, special attention has been paid to this issue in exceptional sales, and all products are offered at the lowest prices by eliminating intermediaries and brokers.

Genuine Leather Shoes in Bulk

How to Treat Genuine Leather Shoes?

How to Treat Genuine Leather Shoes? To increase the life of genuine leather shoes, you should pay attention to some points, the first of which is to keep the shoes in places that are away from dust, moisture and direct sunlight. Shoes should have a lid to protect the shoe from dust. Casual and everyday shoes should be separated. Put silica bags in shoes.

If you put shoes inside the shoe rack, observe the distance between them. Real leather shoes should not be placed next to varnish shoes as they cause them to stain. The box of new shoes you buy is also very convenient for storing them. It also protects contaminated dust from entering the soil and prevents it from spoiling. Pollution of shoes also goes into the air so as not to cause fungus and etc.

If the shoes are kept open on a wooden shoe rack, you should cover them with a cloth or paper so that the shoes are no longer exposed to dirt and do not deteriorate. If you come out, do not put shoes in the closet or shelf immediately. Because the moisture inside the shoe does not dry out and can damage the shoe. Keep the shoes out for an hour and let them dry and the moisture inside the shoes will disappear. The insole inside the shoes should be replaced because not changing the insole may cause damage to the inside of the shoe.

How to Prevent Leather Shoes From Peeling?

How to Prevent Leather Shoes From Peeling? Natural and Artificial leather shoes can lose their moisture and softness due to their texture; The result is cracking, scaling, and eventually fragmentation. To prevent this:

  • Be sure to include the use of leather care products such as moisturizers and special oils in your leather care routine.
  • Do not expose the leather to direct sunlight, high heat like next to heating appliances such as radiators, heaters and blow dryers.
  • Immediately gently remove water droplets or stains from salt deposits from the leather.
  • Do not expose your leather shoes to chemicals, especially strong odors such as insecticides and pesticides.

What are the tips for using leather wax?

  1. Wax can maintain the softness, radiance and color of your skin. It is best to wax your leather shoes every few months, depending on weather conditions and how much you use them.
  2. Be sure to thoroughly clean and dust your leather goods before using wax or any other product.
  3. It is better to wax your leather at night and in a closed place so that the wax can be absorbed during the night and the leather is protected from dust.
  4. It is better for the color of the wax to be one degree lighter than the color of the leather product.
  5. The best waxes for leather shoes are solid.

What are the 3 Types of Leather in Shoes?

What are the 3 Types of Leather in Shoes? Normal leather shoes suede, nubuck and varnish are used in the production of safety shoes and bags, which are sometimes used in the production of clothing and gloves. 3 types of leather widely used in the production of shoes are:

  1. Crocodile leather: It is very famous and popular because of the extraordinary beauty that can be seen in this skin.
  2. Lizard leather: It is produced from lizard leather and crocodile leather is mostly used. In some cases, the role of lizard is pressed on cow skin to make it look more beautiful. This type of leather is also used to make bags, shoes and suitcases.
  3. snake leather: It is a very thin and strong type of leather. Good features of this type of leather include no cracking, alluvium and stretch. Lizard leather is more expensive than snake leather.

Natural leather is generally divided into three categories, which are:

  1. Light leather: Leather obtained from the skins of animals such as calves and goats. The skin is shaved with oil during the dyeing process and becomes very thin and delicate. It is used to make products such as jackets and its thinner and thinner type is used as a shoe liner.
  2. Heavy leather: Leather made from the skins of animals such as cows and camels is called heavy leather. This leather has the highest resistance and the most beautiful face among other leathers. For this reason, it is a very suitable option for use in the sole and upper of shoes.
  3. Semi-heavy leather: Leather that is used from the skins of animals such as crocodiles or ostriches. Due to its rarity and high price, it is used in luxury decorative products.

Genuine Leather Shoes Trade in the World

Genuine Leather Shoes Trade in the World In recent years, the trade of intrinsic leather shoes in the world has largely flourished, and online shopping malls and shopping centers, trade these products to different countries. These genuine leather shoes are traded by several authorities, the most important of which can be named as follows:

  • Reputable agencies with the necessary licenses of companies and manufacturing plants
  • Government commercial offices operating under relevant government agencies.
  • Private and semi-private commercial and commercial authorities that export a variety of leather products.
  • Specialized and store websites

In recent years, reputable sales websites, in addition to offering a variety of first-class products to domestic buyers, have exported a variety of leather shoes and sold them to foreign buyers. Due to the high quality of Iranian products, the demand of foreign buyers increases every year. Exporting different models of men and women leather shoes and other models to neighboring countries, in addition to appropriate valuations, can increase economic and trade exchanges with neighboring countries and thus strengthen Iran’s role in Asian and global markets.

Iranian manufacturers have achieved great success in this field, and today, with a variety of first-class leather products produced in the country, we are witnessing a great response in global markets. We mainly see countries such as Turkey, Iraq, the UAE, Qatar and etc import these shoes to their countries and due to very good satisfaction, this trade also increases annually.

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