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Vida was founded in 2016 as a leather bags and leather shoes manufacturer and supplier company. After many years of experience in the field of supplying high-quality leather bags and leather shoes, our company chief board has stepped forward to expand its field of business activities in the global markets as well. Our company is also structured to be one of the major companies supplying and exporting leather bags and leather shoes in large quantities. We are committed to providing authentic, fast and innovative services and products, in an effort to move up the business ladder successfully and more importantly, flourish in the field of leather products supplying. Last but not least, we are flexible on any terms you want, offering best-in-class leather bags and shoes in any large amount according to your desire.

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leather shoes

Natural leather is a product processed from animal skin, and the presence of natural veins and complications on the surface of the leather is natural and the distinguishing and beautiful feature of natural leather. Leather shoes are very durable. When you look at a piece of leather, you can discover the traces of a life in it.

leather bag

Leather bags

Nowadays, pure leather is used to make all kinds of men’s and women’s bags, handbags, document bags, office bags, wallets, card holders, shower bags, formal bags, sport bags, backpacks, etc. Leather bags are very effective in beautifying your style and besides, these bags are very roomy, beautiful and durable.

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