best types of leather bags for men

Leather bag production stores in Iran, producing all kinds of natural leather bag for men office bags in locked (encrypted), magnetic, Samson leather bags, sports office bags, classic leather bags and student natural leather with shoulder straps, all leather bag bags It is made of first-class cow leather and also the best fittings in its production and all the products of these companies have a one-year warranty which sends the product warranty card along with the goods.

best types of leather bags for men

Which Type of Leather is Best for Bags?

Which Type of Leather is Best for Bags? In general, to convert the cow’s skin to a production leather with it, the bags or other products should be produced, a tanned leather which is carried out in Iran in Iran in two traditional, industrial or modern forms, but these two methods are by no means a criterion for good or not bad leather. Because before the industrial method and modernity, both in Iran and in other countries, leather manufacturer is used, it may still be used in many countries. They believe leather in an old and traditional way is much better and more quality and more sustainable. Of course, some do not believe in this hypothesis and with the export of Leather Leather into countries such as Turkey and Italy, leather tanning is left out of the limit. But the main point that should be considered is a material used for tanning. Leather products that use plant and traditional materials in their tanning can be better than industrial and modern tanning, provided that its production uses first-class and excellent materials and specialized people. Otherwise, leathers produced through industrial tanning are of better quality. Take a small piece of white paper and place it on the leather surface, then gently place your finger on the paper and pull the paper on the leather surface several times. If the color of the leather is quality, the paper should not take on the color of leather and this is a sign of the quality of the leather and its color. Also keep in mind that no leather company or manufacturer uses substandard materials for leather tanning, so if the color is substandard, it will certainly not be of high quality.

Full-grain Leather vs Top Grain Leather

Cowhide is the most common choice for leather. Whole grain means the leather surface is perfectly normal. Therefore, only the best and most beautiful leathers are used because any defect can be seen on all-grain leather. Whole grain is very durable and is available in a variety of coatings such as vechetta and nubuck. Ordinary full-grain cowhide leathers are 1.2 to 2.0 mm thick and range in size from 2.5 to 0.5 square meters. On the other hand, full leather comes from the top layer of the shell. It contains all the accompanying grains – hence the so-called all-grain leather. This type of leather retains its inherent hardness as well as its defects because there are no surface changes or cracks. This is the best leather for bags with the highest quality and most expensive. Working with this leather part is a bit challenging. This leather has many features that have made it popular. Such leathers are mostly used in horse saddle manufacturing, leather clothing products. full-grain leather is leather that does not undergo various processes such as sanding or polishing to remove imperfections (appearance and signs that are naturally present on the leather). The grains left on the leather make it stronger and more durable. These seeds are breathable which makes them produce less moisture over time. This type of leather rusts throughout its life instead of losing its color and freshness. Quality leather furniture and shoes are often made of full leather. Whole leathers are often supplemented with aniline and semi-aniline leathers. Superior grain cowhide refers to patterned grain leathers. They are a good choice for the bag because the surface of this leather is significantly durable and resistant to scratches, water and dirt. Common leathers include Scotch Green, Safiano, Victori and Hatch Green. Like other leathers, they are 1.2 to 2.0 mm thick and 3.5 to 5.0 square meters in size. This leather is made in Austria and Italy. The top layer of skin is usually removed from the blemished skin to obtain high-grain leather. Its surface is sanded and oiled to eliminate inherent defects and have a smooth and uniform surface and finally, they give an attractive effect to the leather by painting. This makes the upper grain leather softer than the full leather. Top grain Leather, although strong and durable has a permanent elasticity over time and is less durable than full grain leather and wears off much faster. It is also used to produce bags and nubuck. Most expensive products, such as handbags and jackets are made of full-grain leather. This type of top-grain leather is mostly used in suede and nubuck industries and produces very good products such as handbags and coats. High grain leather (which is the most common type of leather in leather products) is in second place in terms of quality. In this type of leather, the inner separating layer is separated from the leather and as a result, this leather is thinner and more flexible than all-grain leather. The surface is sanded and a final layer is added which makes the leather look cooler, plastic-like and less breathable. Of course, this prevents natural rust. These leathers are generally cheaper than full grain leather and are more resistant to stains and abnormal effects.

13 Messenger Bags for Handsome Men

13 Messenger Bags for Handsome Men In ancient times, couriers of kings or even postmen who until 30 to 40 years ago were responsible for delivering letters and messages to the people, put them in bags for easy transportation and carried a strap on their shoulders. Gradually, postmen’s bags were made with a shoulder strap that hung over the shoulders. Gradually, postman-style bags entered fashion and clothing which were called messenger bags. These bags still play an important role in the bag manufacturing industry. Men’s and women’s instant bags are produced separately, but some of them are not much different from men’s or women’s because they are sporty and both can be used. These bags are often made of fabric, but leather types are also available in the market. Today, we see more and more that messenger bags are mostly used by men. Messenger bags are an essential tool for men. For example, to carry a few books and notebooks or a series of papers and documents, but women use a messenger bag to carry cosmetics or money and the most important role of a messenger bag for them is to complete the type, style and fashion. They have chosen. they wear. It goes without saying that some men also use messenger bags to set and complete their style. But in general, men use messenger bags the most. Messenger bags are suitable for students and even employees and this group uses them more. Messenger bags work almost like backpacks, but there are more fans of messenger bags than backpacks. Messenger bags are also known as urban fashion bags.

Pull-up Leather to Make Handbags

pull-up leather is defined as: leather to which oil is added during manufacture and then some wax is sprayed on its surface to complete it. The cover is designed to be easily stretched when worn. These types of leather are extremely high quality, light and durable. The choice of this type of leather in the production of various products is due to its breathability which prevents foot odor. Also in the lining of some shoes, leather is used to have anti-allergy and anti-bacterial properties. Also, if this leather is used in men’s shoes, it can easily enter the shoes. In terms of synthetic leather, it has more elasticity than natural leather and for this reason, this leather is used to produce all kinds of clothing. This leather has special characteristics that make it suitable for all kinds of stretchy clothes. One of the features of this leather is its elasticity which is clearly seen in all types of synthetic leather, especially the thin type and thick natural or artificial leathers do not have this feature. This leather is impermeable to water and it is not possible for water to pass through it. In this leather, a very thin fabric layer is used as a leather lining and the polyurethane plastic layer has the least thickness so that this leather has the highest elasticity compared to other types of leather. Also, the fabric used as the lining of this leather is made of polyester to be able to give more elasticity to this leather.

Men’s Leather Briefcase at Best Price

Men's Leather Briefcase at Best Price Men’s leather products include wallets, shoes, belts, office bags, Jakarta and Jasuiichi. You can buy any of these leather products individually or in sets. Most colors of men’s leather products are three colors: black, brown and honey. If you are looking for a color that can be easily set with all your styles, it is better to use brown. Leather products are usually provided with a warranty card which shows the importance of customer satisfaction for the seller. The part of your product that is made of natural leather can affect its price and quality. After leather, the type of sewing and fittings used in sewing the product can affect its quality. Always try to buy men’s leather products in person, unless the company is reputable and you want to shop online because it is difficult to distinguish synthetic leather from natural leather in person.

Street Style Men Backpack Markets

Men’s backpack is one of the simplest and most practical men’s bags that should be bought for men because of the straps on the shoulders and the free arms. It is better to choose between new types of men’s leather backpacks and sports bags or fabric bags to keep your appearance completely up to date. Leather backpacks have recently become very popular among various people. However, making a style with a leather bag is difficult for many people. Familiarity with the principles of buying a leather backpack bag is a good way to create an attractive style with these bags. Paying attention to personal taste is one of the basic methods for people who have just started using these bags. Paying attention to the straps of the backpack and the number of its pockets, in addition to the effect it has on their comfort. It is also effective in creating the right style. At the same time for people who have trouble choosing a leather bag model, classic bags are the best option. This type of leather bag is set with most clothes. To create the right style with a leather backpack, it is very important to know how to choose these bags. It is very easy to make a style with a leather bag. The variety of designs available in the market allows anyone to easily choose a leather backpack suitable for different occasions. Also, these leather bags include bags for different styles, such as: street style bags which has become very popular today.

Men Styles Leather Bags for Sale

Men Styles Leather Bags for Sale One of the best and most important tools for those who are employees or students is their work bag. Employees usually use high quality and beautiful bags. One of the best models of men’s handbag which is also very popular is a leather bag. Most employees need paper and books when they go to work, so a good quality office bag is needed for this group of people. Men’s leather bags are sold in parts and in many markets in Iran. The sale of such leather bags has different customers and all classes are asked to buy leather bags for work or outdoors. There are many stores in the country, especially in Tehran, that offer leather bag for men at reasonable prices. But such bags have fewer customers due to their high price. And people try to choose bags with lower prices and more suitable. Men’s leather bags can be found in different models and prices in the market, but it is not the case that leather bags that have a lower price are not of good quality, this is not the case because all leather products try to be made of high quality raw materials. Be prepared. leather briefcase have their own unique customers compared to other leather products. Most customers of men’s leather bags are employees, students, professors and etc. Who need to keep their belongings in it during the day.

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